Denticaid: Medicaid Dental Abuse in Texas

Number 25582
Subject Medical Reporting
Source WFAA-TV (Dallas)
State Texas
Year 2012
Publication Date 4/25/2012; 2/29/2012; 6/1/2012; 7/12/2012; 8/2/2012; 10/17/2012; 12/12/2012
Summary A nearly two-year-long probe of Medicaid dentistry by WFAA’s Byron Harris discovered what authorities now say is a system of corporate fraud, propelled by Wall Street. News 8 found taxpayer money has gone to finance lavish lifestyles of dentists who have billed the government for unnecessary orthodontics and other procedures that, in many instances, harmed children. WFAA also uncovered a network of Medicaid recruiters who, for at least one clinic, lured children into a van with cash and food, had them sign their parents' names on treatment forms, then performed extensive and unnecessary work on their teeth without their parents’ permission. The FBI is currently investigating this and other Medicaid fraud schemes brought to light by WFAA's reporting.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Medicaid; dental health; fraud; corruption
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