Investigating the IRS

Number 25587
Subject Taxes
Source WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)
State Indiana
Year 2012
Publication Date 04/26/12; 04/27/12; 05/10/12; 05/23/12; 06/22/12; 07/02/12; 08/09/12; 12/05/12; 12/25/12; 12/29/12
Summary As the national deficit soared, WTHR exposed fraud, confusion and government mismanagement that resulted in illegal immigrants getting billions of dollars in improper tax credits and refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. WTHR gained unparalleled access to tax records and immigrant communities to show exactly how the fraud was committed. The investigation revealed the IRS had known about the widespread problems for a decade but failed to act, and that IRS managers actively encouraged their tax examiners to ignore blatant signs of fraud. WTHR’s investigation quickly gained national attention, attracted more than 9 million online views, sparked intense debate and action by Congress, and triggered immediate reforms by the IRS. Following a series of in-depth follow-ups by WTHR and an Inspector General audit that confirmed all of WTHR’s findings, the IRS announced final rule changes in December designed to reduce the massive fraud and to save taxpayers billions of dollars.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords tax fraud; taxes; taxpayers; Internal Revenue Service
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