Broken Shield: Police force fails to protect state’s most vulnerable residents

Number 25629
Subject Crime
Source California Watch
State California
Year 2012
Publication Date 02/23-12/21/2012
Summary Decades ago, California created a special police force to investigate crimes and unexplained injuries inflicted upon some of society’s most vulnerable citizens – men and women with severe autism and cerebral palsy living in taxpayer-funded institutions. This police force, the Office of Protective Services, works exclusively at state developmental centers that have been the scene of horrific abuses. We sought to bring this story to readers in many forms, from working on all platforms, distributing condensed versions and delivering broadcast video stories to our partners, to creating a graphic novel video on one particularly human story -- a woman who was raped, apparently by a janitor. We also created an ebook of the series of stories and an interactive tracker that detailed key milestones of legislation drafted and signed into law. Producing this work on every platform helped to maximize audience reach and heighten the impact.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Autism; cerebral palsy; taxes; taxpayers; Office of Protective Services; abuse
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