IJEC: Mental health on campus

Number 25633
Subject Mental Health
Source CU-CitizenAccess.org
State Multi-state
Year 2012
Publication Date 02/2012
Summary After the mass shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois, legislatures and university officials nationwide said they were taking extra measures to upgrade mental health treatment for students and to improve security on campuses The Investigative Journalism Education Consortium – a group of faculty and students at Midwest universities - decided to examine what actually had been done. What they found is that the number of college students seeking mental health care from their universities is soaring as is the severity of the mental health problems students have when they arrive on campus. The consortium also found most campuses do not have the number of counselors and resources needed. In addition, we found some universities have moved slowly or not at all to improve security and to develop effective building evacuation plans.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Mental health; health care; counselors; Midwest universities
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