Artful Dodger: Josh Macciello Convinced L.A. He Was in Line to Buy The Dodgers. But He Was Really A Fraud.

Number 25793
Subject Fraud
Source LA Weekly
State California
Year 2012
Publication Date March 15, 2012
Summary "The Artful Dodger" was the first story to break through the local media groupthink and expose Josh Macciello for what he was -- to report that, instead of being a legitimate contender to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers, the 36-year-old was a fraud. He did not have billions of dollars. He did not have rights to any gold mines. He had, instead, a conviction for drug dealing and a history of making promises he couldn't keep. This story pulled no punches. It exposed Macciello for what he was -- and made it all but impossible for him to use the publicity he'd generated by fooling other media organizations as a way to swindle even more investors.
Keywords Dodgers; Fraud
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