Aviaton Week: Fractured Freedom -- U.S. Navy Warship Woes

Number 25865
Subject Navy
Source Aviation Week & Aerospace Daily
Year 2012
Publication Date Jan 30, May 09, May 10, May 18, May16, May 21, May 24, June 07, June 20, August 16, Aug 24, Sept 27, Nov. 15, Nov. 30, Dec.26, Dec. 27, Dec. 28
Summary The U.S. Navy rushed through with the development, building and deployment of its first Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), which is meant to anchor its coastal surface fleet plans through rest of the century and then sought to hide the problems with the ship and program, putting the lives of the crew in jeopardy. To report on the failures of the ship and program, Aviation Week crisscrossed the country -- even agreeing to an unsanctioned tour of the vessel and publication of the observations in spite of the threat of imprisonment. Besides threatening Aviation Week, the Navy at first also denied the allegations. After subsequent follow-ups on continuing ship and program problems, though, Navy officials not only acknowledged the veracity of the reports and detailed plans to fix the problems, but also invited the publication for an official tour of the ship during special trials to observe the improvements that likely will save sailor's lives.
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