Following the Money: Indiana Storm Sausage

Number 26116
Subject Money
Source WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)
State Ind.
Year 2013
Publication Date April 25 & 26, 2013
Summary This 6-month WTHR investigation exposed how Indiana diverted millions of dollars in disaster recovery grant money to private corporations that weren't impacted by any of the state's widespread disasters. While flood victims and hard-hit communities received little direct financial assistance, state leaders quietly allocated $20 million to fund pet projects for businesses. Their justification -- creating jobs in disaster-impacted areas -- proved unfounded, and WTHR discovered much of the money was wasted or simply disappeared. Using dogged research, thorough reporting and creative storytelling, WTHR exposed a grant program plagued by poor oversight, questionable spending and missing money.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords money; fraud; flood
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