The Party Behind Bars

Number 26130
Subject Prisons
Source WSMV-TV (Nashville, Tenn.)
State Tennessee
Year 2013
Publication Date May - Dec. 2013
Summary When the Channel 4 found a convicted murderer operating his Facebook page while in prison, we thought it might be a quick, eye-opening story on social media use while behind bars. Instead, that tip resulted in fifteen investigative stories, disciplinary actions on more than 70 inmates, the exposure of how contraband was being introduced into the state’s most secure prison and ultimately the felony indictment of a correctional officer. The stories became so embarrassing for the state department of correction, they ultimately stopped granting interviews. At one point, the I-Team gathered such evidence that a contraband sale was about to go down, and the attorney for the state agency warned we too could be prosecuted for having knowledge of a crime about to be committed. We continued to gather the information that ultimately led to a TBI investigation into Riverbend prison.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 63
Keywords prison; contraband
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