Conservatorships in Tennessee

Number 26131
Subject Courts
Source The Tennessean
State Tenn.
Year 2013
Publication Date Feb. 17, March 26, April 4, May 11 & 23, Nov. 2, 2013
Summary In an obscure part of the court system, reporter Walter F. Roche, Jr. discovered tales of abuse that led to new state law, launched a government investigation and spurred at least one judge to make changes on how he handles cases. The victims are vulnerable, often elderly, without family to look after them. What they have in common is that a court has found them unable physically or mentally to make sound choices–and appointed a guardian or conservator to fill this duty. Roche found that these court-appointed conservators don’t always have the best interest of the ward in mind.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords courts; abuse; public guardians
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