Known to police 2013

Number 26134
Subject Police
Source Toronto Star (Ontario, Canada)
State Canada
Year 2013
Publication Date Sept. 27, 28 and 29
Summary An analysis of 1.8 million Toronto police contacts with over a million citizens, which typically involve no arrests or charges, shows black and brown-skinned people are stopped, questioned and documented at proportionally higher rates than whites. It also reveals there are hundreds of "outlier" officers who stop people of certain skin colours at much higher rates than their peers. The practice of stopping citizens and entering their personal details into a massive internal database has been going on for decades and has bears a striking resemblance to New York City's controversial stop and frisk program. In fact, a Toronto Star analysis finds Toronto police stop and document blacks, proportionally, at a rate higher than the NYPD. It also raises the possibility that police in certain neighbourhoods have, over a span of five years, documented every young man of colour who lives in those areas.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords police; stop and frisk
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