Sacred Monsters

Number 26263
Subject Sexual Abuse
Source Mission and State
State Calif.
Year 2013
Publication Date July 12, 2013
Summary This story delves into the history of clergy sex abuse at St. Anthony’s Seminary in Santa Barbara, revealing the disturbing history of the city as not only a place where abuse ran rampant, but to where Catholic Church officials would stash problem priests. Along the way, we get a better sense of the mindset of Cardinal Roger Mahony and his right-hand man, Bishop Thomas Curry of Santa Barbara, as they concern themselves more with damage control and cover-up than restitution. The presentation includes three compelling videos, including a gripping interview with Ferricano, a St. Anthony’s Seminary survivor, as well as interviews with A. W. Richard Sipe, an expert on the church, sex and celibacy; and with Terence McKiernan, president of, which aggregates documents and articles related to the worldwide Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal. We also published an interactive timeline in which readers could see important dates in this history of abuse in Santa Barbara. The timeline includes links to documents, photos and other materials that help tell the story.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords sexual abuse; clergy; church
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