Betrayed by Silence

Number 26405
Subject Children
Source Minnesota Public Radio
State Minnesota
Year 2013
Publication Date Sept. 23, 2013; Oct. 4, 2013; Oct. 9, 2013; Nov. 11, 2013; Dec. 5, 2013; Dec. 16, 2013; Dec. 19, 2013
Summary Through the fall and winter of 2013, MPR News delivered a powerful collection of investigative radio stories that exposed how leaders of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis were continuing to cover-up the sexual abuse of children by priests. We found the archdiocese had hidden the names of abusive priests for decades, provided secret payments to pedophiles, and failed to report possible child pornography on a priest’s computer to police or warn parishioners of another priest’s sexual addiction. We exposed how two priests had secretly confessed to sexually abusing children decades ago –one was teaching sex education to troubled teenagers and the other was living half a block from a school. Our investigation peeled back the layers of false promises by leaders who had guided the national response to the clergy abuse scandal a decade earlier – and showed that children remained at risk.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Archiocese; St. Paul; Minneapolis;
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