Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Number 26421
Subject Disasters
Source NBC Bay Area
State California
Year 2013
Publication Date July 6, 2013; July 7, 2013; July 8, 2013; July 9, 2013
Summary NBC Bay Area’s news team set the bar for coverage of the crash of Asiana flight 214. We provided on the scene live reports, graphics, unique details and facts along with unmatched analysis and aviation expertise. Combined, this coverage gave our audience the news in real time, with unique details learned only through us, told within context, all non-stop and commercial-free for the next seven and a half hours plus new details uncovered by our investigative team in the days immediately following the crash. In the minutes and hours following the crash, NBC Bay Area’s team broke every major detail of the crash, including: • First detailed mapping of the airport and accident scene • First details that the airport’s electronic glide slope was out of service • First survivor interview with first person account of crash • First audio from tower • First detailed coordinates of the plane’s position during landing, including its unstabilized approach • First to report the plane had been coming in too low and too slow to land safely • First details of how one passenger fatality was caused by a fire truck running over her
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Asiana flight 214; disaster
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