In the Background: a KCRA-3 Investigation

Number 26572
Subject Caretakers
Source KCRA-TV (Sacramento, Calif.)
State California
Year 2014
Publication Date Feb. 26 - Oct. 1
Summary KCRA-3 found that the state of California was clearing people with arrests for child molestation, sex abuse of a minor, elder abuse, arson, even murder to work in daycares, elder care facilities, nursing homes and foster homes. The state would clear people to work who had multiple arrests and then investigate later. Yet those investigations took months, sometimes years to complete. As a result of our investigation the department changed their policy and a new state law was signed that would prevent the department from changing their policy back. No longer are people with arrests for violent crimes simply cleared to work and then checked later.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords child molestation; sex abuse of a minor; elder abuse; arson; murder; daycares; elder care facilities; nursing homes; foster homes; broadcast
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