At Your Discretion: KCRA Investigates City Spending

Number 26590
Subject Money And Politics
Source KCRA-TV (Sacramento, Calif.)
State California
Year 2014
Publication Date Dec. 16 - 18
Summary What if you were given permission to spend money however you wanted with little oversight? A KCRA investigation found that Sacramento's city council and mayor were given permission to do just that to the tune of millions of dollars through their elected terms. KCRA asked under the Public Records Act for discretionary spending accounts for the city of Sacramento's leaders. What we found instead was that the council and mayor have no line item budgeting. Instead they are given hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to spend on whatever they want, from personnel to face painting in the park.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Sacramento; city council; mayor; open records requests; budget; city leaders; union fundraisers; planned parenthood; taxpayers; broadcast
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