Courting Favor

Number 26677
Subject Lobbying
Source The New York Times
Year 2014
Publication Date October 29, 2014; December 7, 2014; December 19, 2014; January 20, 2014; September 9, 2014.
Summary All-out lobbying has spread from legislative chambers into the state attorney general’s office all across the land. Too many of those who call themselves “the people’s lawyers” turn out to be another tribe of elected politicians to be catered to. Eric Lipton, a reporter for The New York Times, captured the lobbyists at work in a nine-month investigation that accomplished what no journalist had ever succeeded in doing: showing in irrefutable detail how corporations sway and co-opt the very state officials elected to protect consumers and individual citizens.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords attorney general; corporations; state officials; consumers
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