Insult to Injury

Number 26684
Subject Hospitals
Source Tampa Bay Times
Year 2014
Publication Date Part 1: March 9, 2014 Part 2: March 10, 2014 Part 3: Sept. 14, 2014 Follows through Nov. 23, 2014
Summary Trauma centers save limbs and lives. But a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found that in Florida and around the nation hospitals are padding their coffers thanks to a little-known rule that lets trauma centers bill you mightily for what is simply a “cover charge.” The Times found that while state regulators must approve the creation of trauma centers, they provide no oversight of what the hospitals can charge. As a result, some hospitals are zealously charging trauma patients as an important tool in manipulating expenses and profits.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords trauma centers; cover charges; oversight; overcharging
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