KRIS-TV: The Trouble with TEA

Number 26779
Subject Education
Source KRIS-Corpus Christi
Year 2014
Publication Date February 9, 2014; February 10, 2014; February 11, 2014; February 18, 2014; February 19, 2014; March 6, 2014; December 10, 2014
Summary Series focused on the lengths educators will go to cover up teacher misconduct by focusing on one teacher, in particular, who bounced from school district to another, always leaving amid accusations of misconduct with female students. Our reporting uncovered the uncomfortable fact that: *All too often, a teacher can break local and state rules on professional conduct but, because the misconduct never leads to formal criminal charges, the teacher is protected. *School districts will deliberately alter public records to protect a teacher from unflattering publicity. *The investigative arm of the state education agency is woefully understaffed and overwhelmed. *School districts cannot always afford to pursue termination proceedings due to the threat of a costly lawsuit from the teacher. Instead, they'll let the teacher resign. *Even state lawmakers now admit the investigative arm of the state education is in dire need of changes.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords schools; teachers; misconduct; sexual; students
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