Going Platinum: Gaming the System

Number 26971
Subject Fraud
Source NBC Bay Area
State California
Year 2014
Publication Date 9/4/2014-10/21/2014
Summary NBC Bay Area exposed an ongoing scheme by the head of Santa Clara County’s Department of Child Support Services in which he used a personal credit card for over a hundred thousand dollars of reimbursable department charges in order to rack up travel rewards points on the public’s dime. Through several public records requests and meticulous data entry and analysis, the team exposed the Director's passion for points drove him to exploit his position for financial gain and violate county purchasing policy. Our investigation shed light on a county department tainted by abuse of power, longstanding violations and questionable ethics The team’s reporting sparked investigations by state agencies, a change in leadership and his ultimate firing.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords fraud; corruption; child support services; abuse of power
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