Deadly Impact

Number 27051
Subject Federal Government
Source ABC News 20/20
Year 2014
Publication Date September 18; September 19; October 15; September 25; October 10; October 14; October 15; October 16; October 20; October 21; October 25; October 27; October 28; October 20; October 31; November 12; November 13; December 10; December 11; December 30
Summary This in-depth, nine month investigation by Chief Correspondent Brian Ross and Producer Cindy Galli was the first to disclose previously-secret company emails and documents, all pointing to an internal cover-up by guardrail manufacturer Trinity Industries. The company had modified a popular highway product without disclosing the changes to the government, as is required by law. That design change has now been blamed for injuries and deaths around the country. It also called into question the lack of oversight by the Federal Highway Administration. The first reports had an immediate impact as over a dozen states suspended purchases of the questionable guardrail end terminals in the days following the report. When we first reported our story, the Federal Highway Safety Administration said it considered the guardrail end terminals to be safe. Since our broadcast, more than 40 states have suspended the use of the devices and under growing pressure from congressional and state officials, the Federal Highway Administration has now ordered the company to conduct new safety tests which are currently ongoing .
Category Contest Entry
Keywords cover-up; guardrails; Federal Highway Administration; broadcast
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