Trail of Troubles

Number 27057
Subject Doctors
Source Baltimore Sun
Year 2014
Publication Date May 30, 2014; June 5, 2014; June 6, 2014; June 15, 2014; Aug. 31, 2014; Sept. 3, 2014; Nov. 7, 2014; Nov. 13, 2014
Summary One doctor’s sexual assault charges led reporter Scott Dance to uncover the state’s lack of oversight of the criminal backgrounds of Maryland’s doctors. Maryland does not conduct criminal background checks of its doctors despite at least one attempt to require them. Dr. William Dando was one doctor who fell through the cracks. He was convicted of rape in the 1980s, and came to Maryland to pursue his medical career after his release. Fast forward to 2014, and the same doctor was accused of sexually assaulting several patients. Dance traced Dando’s time in Maryland and all of the ways his past could have been discovered, but state regulatory agencies and medical boards failed to investigate.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords doctor licenses; sexual assault; background checks; William Dando
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