Fatal shooting exposes nepotism in the California Senate

Number 27088
Subject Political scandals
Source Sacramento Bee
State California
Year 2014
Publication Date May 2, May 6, May 9, June 16, June 29, Sept. 8, Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, Oct. 3, Oct. 7
Summary The California Capitol was rocked last year by criminal charges against three state senators accused in unrelated cases of bribery, perjury and conspiracy to traffic weapons. These were high-profile cases that garnered widespread media attention and public hand-wringing by politicians. What wasn't being covered by anyone else was the stories you will read here, about an ethical crisis simmering in the administrative side of the state Senate -- problems that had been largely ignored by the politicians elected to run the house. This entry includes 11 news stories I wrote over six months, a mix of enterprise investigations and breaking news. Rosenhall coverage led to significant changes in the administration of the California Senate.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords corruption; political scandals, bribery, perjury, weapons trafficking, conspiracies, politicians
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