Waste and Violence at Colorado Human Services

Number 27095
Subject Corruption
Source Watchdog.org
State Virginia
Year 2014
Publication Date October 2, 2014; October 3, 2014; October 6, 2014; October 8, 2014; November 18, 2014; December 8, 2014; December 9, 2014; December 10, 2014; December 19, 2014; December 16, 2014
Summary Waste and Violence at Colorado Human Services is a broad investigation into the policies and practices that have led state officials to squander millions, increase benefits to people not qualified for the money and allow repeated attacks on staff and others at their facilities. Despite stalling and refusal to release some records, Watchdog.org went over road blocks, obtaining records from other agencies and sources, to tell the story. During four months, Watchdog.org found the state repeatedly violated federal law, changed policies to increase welfare benefits and made changes that endangered staff at its juvenile detention facilities.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords fraud, welfare benefits, state officials, state policies
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