LA's Nuclear Secret / KNBC-TV Los Angeles

Number 27193
Subject Nuclear Waste
Source KNBC-TV (Los Angeles)
Year 2015
Publication Date 09/21/15; 09/22/15; 11/09/15; 11/19/15; 12/14/15
Summary A yearlong investigation by KNBC-TV revealed that dangerous radioactive materials were secretly released into the air above Los Angeles for years, and the government has covered it up. This I-Team investigation exposes the once-secret nuclear experiments at the Santa Susana Field Lab, tucked away in the hills between the San Fernando and Simi valleys. We found evidence that these radioactive releases, and the mishandling of toxic chemicals at the Field Lab, might be responsible for thousands of illnesses and deaths.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Nuclear waste; nuclear experiments; radioactive material; environment; toxic chemicals
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