Number 27243
Subject Aviation
Source KUSA/9News Denver
Year 2015
Publication Date July, 27, 2015; Aug. 31, 2015; Oct. 10, 2015; Oct. 22, 2015; Nov. 12, 2015; Nov. 13, 2015; Dec. 17, 2015, Dec. 18, 2015; Dec 19, 2015
Summary Buried beneath a mix of federal bureaucracy and ambivalence is a story that explains why thousands of helicopters in use today remain vulnerable to the very same problem that doomed a Flight for Life crew in Frisco, Colorado, earlier this year. For five months, 9Wants to Know analyzed hundreds of NTSB accident reports in an effort to better understand what’s “fueling the fire.” Based heavily upon a combination of interviews with victims and researchers, our conclusions have generated interest within the aviation industry and Congress, and will form the basis of a national discussion that is finally underway. https://vimeo.com/151435468 https://vimeo.com/149457398
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords helicopters; bureaucracy; flying; safety
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