911: Lost On The Line

Number 27302
Subject Public Safety
Source WXIA-TV (Atlanta, Ga.)
Year 2015
Publication Date February 1, 2015 – December 16, 2015 (ongoing)
Summary A single death. A single 911 call. Together they reveal a nationwide problem: roughly half of all cell phone calls to 911 don't allow dispatchers to see the callers' location. Continuing our coverage over 10 major broadcast stories, a 30 minute primetime special, and a national USA Today article, we exposed this major public safety crisis and held the powerful accountable. Now the problem is getting fixed, and saving lives. NOTE: This story was primarily MMJ, produced by the reporter working alone as photographer and editor. https://youtu.be/XW7_pFKEDKc http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/02/22/cellphone-911-lack-location-data/23570499/ http://www.11alive.com/story/news/local/investigations/2015/01/31/911-location-problems-/22645139/
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Public safety; 911 call
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