Over the Line: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV investigation of Georgia's police shootings

Number 27383
Subject Police
Source Atlanta Journal-Constitution/WSB-TV
Year 2015
Publication Date Series: May 17, 2015 – December 30, 2015
Summary The most comprehensive examination of fatal police shootings in Georgia history uncovered prosecutorial misconduct, police cover-ups and breakdowns in justice that prompted state leaders to take action. The year-long investigation identified 184 fatal shootings in Georgia since 2010, details of each case and its outcome in the courts. The series distinguishes itself by the scope of the data-driven reporting and the ability of reporters to encourage reluctant police officers, prosecutors and grand jurors to go on the record and break the code of silence that has kept questionable police shootings hidden from the public. http://bcove.me/tv4wuzmd http://investigations.myajc.com/overtheline/database/ https://vimeo.com/150303553
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords shootings; georgia; cover up; fatal; justice
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