ISIS Hits Home: San Bernardino

Number 27399
Subject Terrorism
Source ABC News
Year 2015
Publication Date Dec. 3, 2015; Dec. 4, 2015; Dec. 7, 2015; Dec. 8, 2015; Dec. 14, 2015
Summary As news of the horrific San Bernadino unfolded and all three networks went into live coverage mode, the ABC News investigative team started digging , providing investigative reporting in real time, both accurate and exclusive coverage for to a national stunned by the first major domestic terror attack by followers of ISIS. Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross and the ABC News Investigative team brought insights and exclusives starting with the first (and still exclusive ) photo of the female attacker Tashfeen Malik and perhaps the most riveting of images, the first exclusive look at the terror couple, husband and wife as they entered the United States through customs.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Terrorism; terror attacks; ISIS; Islamic State; Middle East; national security; customs
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