Nation Institute (TomDispatch and The Intercept) coverage of the U.S. Military in Africa

Number 27408
Subject military
Source The Nation Institute (New York, N.Y.)
Year 2015
Publication Date 15 October 2015; 21 October 2015; 21 April 2015; 17 November 2015; 10 September 2015; 14 April 2015; 17 December 2015; 22 December 2015
Summary I wrote an untitled collection of articles for The Nation Institute’s and First Look Media’s The Intercept investigating the U.S. military’s extensive and largely secret operations on the African continent. Utilizing documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act and from a whistle blower as well as a plethora of open source material, I offered a rare glimpse of the actions of a very secretive military command. Along the way, I revealed covert U.S. drone bases used for targeted killing campaigns from Yemen and Somalia to Iraq and Syria; I exposed unreported drug use and criminal behavior by U.S. forces across Africa; and shined a light on a multitude of missions in which elite U.S. forces trained alongside members of African armies regularly cited by the State Department for human rights abuses; among many other revelations. (While The Intercept may not fit the definition of a small outlet, I generally work alone and receive only spare support beyond editing. And TomDispatch is a truly tiny outlet.)
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Military; international reporting; Africa; drones; drugs; military misconduct; human rights
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