Cory Briggs

Number 27447
Subject Nonprofits
Source inewsource
Year 2015
Publication Date inewsource published a combined 45 web stories, TV and radio spots combined between Feb. 23, 2015 and the end of the year, all written and produced by Racino and Williams. The series is still active and inewsource plans to publish more stories in 2016.
Summary This series dug deep into the legal and ethical practices of San Diego attorney Cory Briggs who built a business and a reputation suing developers, municipalities and state and federal agencies in the name of the little guy. The results found major undisclosed conflicts of interest (which immediately resulted in a $143,000 reimbursement for taxpayers), a web of more than 40 nonprofits used as shell companies, highly questionable business practices, discrepancies in personal land deals and close business ties to the people he sues.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords attorney; ethics; shell companies; tazes
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