Sea Dragon Down

Number 27477
Subject military
Source NBC News
Year 2015
Publication Date Jan. 8 2015; Jan. 31; Feb. 3; Feb. 6, 2015; Feb. 7, 2015; Feb. 11, 2015; March: 9, 2015; April 25, 2015; May 28, 2015; Oct. 5, 2015
Summary The NBC News Investigative Unit, the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, tand the UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Program revealed that the U.S. Navy’s Sea Dragon helicopters had killed more than 30 service members since they were launched in the 1980s, with the fatality rate rising in recent years – and that the Navy was trying to cover up the danger. The exclusive reporting of all three news organizations of the Navy’s cover-up helped spur the grounding of the entire fleet of more than 150 helicopters for most of 2015.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Military; deaths; Navy; helicopters;
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