Sprawl Developer Won't Take No For an Answer

Number 27549
Subject Corruption
Source voiceofsandiego.org
Year 2015
Publication Date Aug. 17, 2015; Aug. 18, 2015; Aug. 20, 2015; Aug. 25, 2015; Aug. 28, 2015; Sept. 20, 2015; Oct. 14, 2015; Dec. 31, 2015
Summary This was a two-person investigation into political corruption, environmental damage, public danger and regulatory capture presented by a developer’s attempt to build a suburban sprawl project in rural San Diego County. We spent two months diving into lawsuits, environmental reports, wildfire warnings and campaign finance disclosures to understand how billion-dollar real estate developments take shape outside of public eye, even if they contradict adopted regulatory guidelines. It resulted in an elected official, poised to enrich himself by voting in favor of the project, being forced to recuse himself from voting, which led to the project’s indefinite suspension.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Corruption; government; politics; public safety; developer; environment; lawsuits; real estate
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