Mexican Mafia Killer and the LAPD

Number 27595
Subject Crime
Source Los Angeles Times
Year 2015
Publication Date Jan. 29, 2015; Jan. 30, 2015; Feb. 10, 2015; Feb. 15, 2015; Feb. 21, 2015; March 30, 2015
Summary This series started off with a tip: Los Angeles police were bringing a high-profile criminal to a private business event in downtown L.A. That criminal turned out to be Rene "Boxer" Enriquez, a former shot-caller for the Mexican Mafia sentenced to life in prison for two killings. That the LAPD would use public resources to bring him to a private event was only the first surprise — we soon learned Enriquez had a cozy relationship with law enforcement officials and was set to be paroled. We spent weeks digging into his background, contacting the children of one of his victims, interviewing people who knew him, reading court records and transcripts outlining his crimes. The reporting by The Times ultimately prompted two investigations by the LAPD, including one into a high-profile deputy chief. The governor also decided to deny Enriquez parole and keep him behind bars.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords Crime; police; law enforcement; criminal justice system; mafia; Rene "Boxer" Enriquez
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