Where's the party at?

Number 27968
Subject College
Source Daily Wildcat (Univ. of Arizona)
State Arizona
Year 2016
Publication Date Sept. 2, 2016
Summary The Daily Wildcat set out to answer the age old question: where's the party at? Through FOIAs for police records The Daily Wildcat was able to collect data on where the Tucson Police Department had issued red tags, which are the citations for unruly gatherings that are commonly doled out when parties get out of hand. They created a heat map of the red tags issued around campus and created interactive data visualizations on the frequency of when red tags were issued by day of the week and calendar month.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords college; university; parties; police records; data visualization
Related Links http://www.wildcat.arizona.edu/article/2016/09/wheres-the-party-at-just-follow-the-red-tags
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