Michigan State University: Capital expenditure

Number 28252
Subject Campaign Finance
Year 2018
Publication Date April 2018
Summary This project analyzed 2017 campaign finance data reported by Michigan state lawmakers. The initial intent was to determine how much of those funds came from special interest Political Action Committees rather than individual contributions. It blossomed into 10 stories that looked at such things as the difference in fundraising patterns between men and women, Republicans and Democrats. It ranked the partisanship of the state’s PACs, the largest PAC donors, the lawmakers who received the most and least, those who used the most of their own money and those who used no money at all. It discovered that the NRA spends very little on individual state lawmakers and those who break campaign finance laws rarely get hefty fines.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Michigan State University, Michigan, campaign finance, lawmakers, PACs, Republicans, Democrats, NRA, politics
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