Nursing home staffing-related investigations

Number 28276
Subject Nursing Homes
Year 2018
Publication Date July - September 2018
Summary More than 1.3 million Americans spend their final months or years in a nursing home and many suffer from inattention, poor care, or outright neglect. But just how much they suffer – and why many die as a result – was hidden until now. In a series of data-driven stories, Kaiser Health News revealed that tens of thousands are dying because the facilities are woefully understaffed and painful infections are routinely left untreated or poorly cared for. In the most horrific cases, patients are cycling in out of hospitals with open wounds or bedsores that trigger sepsis or septic shock, a deadly bloodstream infection that is the leading killer in hospital ICUs.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Kaiser Health News, Chicago Tribune, nursing homes, neglect, data, understaffed, infections, untreated, bloodstream infection, septic shock, patients
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