OCCRP: A Murdered Journalist's Last Investigation

Number 28285
Subject Death Investigation
Source Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Sarajevo)
Year 2018
Publication Date March 12, 2018
Summary In late February 2018, Jan Kuciak, a young Slovak investigative journalist, was murdered by a single bullet. His fiancée, Martina Kusnirova, was killed alongside him. Before his death, Kuciak had been working with OCCRP and his outlet, Aktuality.sk, on an in-depth investigation about the Italian ‘Ndrangheta, one of the world’s most powerful and fearsome criminal groups, and their infiltration into his country. After his death, a team of journalists worked to finish those investigations.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords OCCRP, Jan Kuciak, Martina Kusnirova, murder, journalists, Italian 'Ndrangheta, criminals, investigation
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