RMPBS "Insight with John Ferrugia" - "Imminent Danger"

Number 28324
Subject Guns
Source Rocky Mountain PBS
Year 2018
Publication Date April - December 2018
Summary This project examines the issue of killings by mentally ill persons with access to guns. The story is told through the eyes of a mother whose mentally ill son murdered a sheriff’s deputy and wounded four others, and of the Sheriff whose deputy died. Both agree the confrontation could have been avoided if only state law allowed earlier intervention when a mentally ill person with access to guns is spinning out of control. Both did everything possible to head off the crisis, but had no legal tools to prevent it. The project also includes an exclusive interview with the parents of Aurora Theater killer James Holmes who explain they simply did not recognize the warning signs that their son was mentally ill and capable of homicide. They hold themselves responsible for their son’s mass murder.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords Rocky Mountain PBS, guns, mental illness, murder, mental health, firearms
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