WBTV Investigates: Hurricane Recovery Delays

Number 28430
Subject Natural Disaster
Source WBTV-TV (Charlotte, N.C.)
Year 2018
Publication Date April - October 2018
Summary Two hurricanes devastated parts of eastern North Carolina two years apart: Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Florence in 2018. Despite the gap, the state had made little progress in helping victims of Hurricane Matthew get back in their owns by the time Florence hit. For the past year, we've uncovered problem after problem with the state's efforts to administer hundreds of millions of dollars in federal disaster aid. Our work has prompted multiple legislative hearings; the creation of a legislative investigative committee and the formation of a new state disaster recovery office.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords WBTV, Charlotte, hurricanes, North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Florence, victims, federal aid, funding, investigation
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