WEWS-TV: Evading Justice

Number 28433
Subject Sex Offenders
Source WEWS-TV (Cleveland)
Year 2018
Publication Date May 23, 2018
Summary The Ohio sex offender registry is supposed to help keep the public safe by providing access to information about convicts who have committed serious sexual offenses. But our extensive six-month-long investigation uncovered a loophole used by prosecutors and judges in one of the largest counties in the state that results in many accused rapists evading the registry. We found oftentimes the justice system allows suspects charged with rape to plead down to lesser and even completely unrelated charges – in a three-year period, there were more than 100 accused rapists who pleaded guilty to abduction, assault and endangering children, which allowed them to avoid registering as sex offenders. We also found many of those same defendants went on to be charged with another sexual offense after they evaded the registry, showing how this practice can put the public at risk.
Category Contest Entry
Keywords WEWS, Cleveland, Ohio, sex offenders, registry, sexual offenses, convicts, investigation, loophole, criminal justice, rapists, children, public
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