Caregivers and Takers

Number 28502
Subject Caretakers
Year 2019
Publication Date May 2019
Summary “Caregivers and Takers,” a multi-platform investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, uncovered rampant exploitation of caregivers at senior board-and-care homes across the United States. Many are poor immigrants who earn about $2 an hour to work around the clock with no days off while operators rake in millions. Some owners charge workers "room and board" for sleeping on a couch or in a garage. Caregivers are routinely harassed and fired if they complain. Some feared for their lives. Prosecutors liken these workplace conditions to indentured servitude. Many of these caregivers are immigrants, and evidence indicates that some were trafficked.
Category Philip Meyer Contest entry
Keywords Reveal, Center for Investigative Reporting, PRX, PBS NewsHour, Associated Press, caregivers, seniors, care, immigrants, operators, harassment, treatment, workplace, trafficking
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