Bargaining the Badge: How Hundreds of Accused Texas Officers Avoid Prison

Number 28536
Subject Police
Source KXAN/NBC Austin
Year 2019
Publication Date May 2019
Summary Across Texas, hundreds of law enforcement officers have permanently surrendered their peace officer licenses in the past four years. A KXAN investigation of 297 of those surrenders uncovered nearly all the officers were accused or charged with a crime – most often felonies. KXAN also found this system allows some bad officers to operate under the radar for years. Through internal police department and court records, KXAN found several cases of officers accused repeatedly of misconduct. In those instances, the accused police officers were able to trade their badges in a plea bargain and walk away with probation.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords KXAN, Texas, police, felonies, officers, misconduct, license, surrenders, crime
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