Families complain of mold, lead paint, rats in military housing ahead of hearing

Number 28578
Subject military
Source CBS News
Year 2019
Publication Date Feb. 13, 2019
Summary In February, CBS News gained access to privatized housing at Ft. Meade, becoming the first national television network to go on to a military base to investigate issues within the U.S. military’s privatized housing program. Through our coverage, CBS News exposed problems with mold, insects and structural integrity covered up or ignored by private housing companies. This story led to a swift response from then-Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, who granted an exclusive on-camera interview with CBS News to outline how his department planned to respond.
Category IRE Contest Entry
Keywords housing, military, military housing, U.S. Army, Ft. Meade, health hazards, government contractors, military families, veterans, soldiers
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