Carol Moseley Braun: The Medicaid scandal

Number 9222
Subject Politics
Source WMAQ-TV (Chicago)
State IL
Year 1992
Publication Date Sept. 28-30 and follow ups
Summary "... the Unit 5 Investigative Team of WMAQ Channel 5 News broke what remains, by far, the biggest story of (the 1992) senatorial campaign: Stunning details of (Carol) Moseley-Braun's questionable handling of a large sum of money given to her mother, Edna Moseley, who is on Medicaid and who lives in a nursing home. .... Did she, in fact, arrange to conceal her mother's $28,750.00 windfall from Medicaid and the Internal Revenue Service?"
Category Contest Entry
Pages 38
Keywords VIDEOCLIP TAPE TRANSCRIPT Congress. Election;Medicaid elderly assets malfeasance tax evasion
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