Food Lion

Number 9392
Subject Food
Source ABC News Primetime Live
State New York
Year 1992
Publication Date Nov. 5
Summary ABC PrimeTime Live "spent six months researching and investigating the grocery store chain, Food Lion... Former and current employees told (PrimeTime) that because they were under a great deal of pressure to meet profit quotas, they routinely put old or spoiled food back out for sale with a new expiration date... Food Lion was already facing numerous lawsuits and a Labor Department investigation involving off-the-clock work,... The company had dismissed those charges as a union conspiracy designed to destroy the company.... An ABC producer worked in two meat departments and an ABC associate producer worked in a deli. No one in the stores know who (they) were or that (they) had hidden cameras" Food Lion has strongly objected to the reporting techniques used to produce this story.
Pages 18
Keywords VIDEOCLIP; TAPE; TRANSCRIPT; unsanitary food handling practices; undercover reporting; Food Lion response; grocery supermarket; United Food and Commerical Workers Union; UFCW
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