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  • Homegirls

    Rolling Stone profiles three young women, members in an increasing population of female gang bangers. "In February of last year, there were 8,076 female gang members in California. Of that number, 6,007 lived in L.A." One member points out, 'A lotta girls want to be like guys now. It's like, the guys had the reputation for a long time of bein' the baddest. But now it's the girls who are doin'.' The children raised in these areas, often with parents or siblings in gangs, inevitably join the circle of gang life. 'I see my little eight-year-old sister repeatin' the same things I used to do. She don't gangbang yet but she throwin' up signs and stuff, just like I used to do.' Reporter Leon Bing looks first hand at life as a gang member and how hard it can be to get out.
  • The Shame of Medical Research

    American medical researchers increasingly are conducting AIDS research in third world countries and arguably violating international standards of experimentation such as the Helsinki Declaration. Countries in which clinical trials are now conducted are often too poor to pay for the medicines that are successfully tested, and the people recruited for those trials very seldom get the medical care participants in trials in prosperous countries can expect.