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  • Meeting L.A. Koreans in the year 1940

    The U.S. National Archives (NARA) homepage had a flood of connections last April 2nd. That was because the personal data of 132 million who participated in the 1940 Census became public. The national household Census, which is held every 10 years, first only announce statistics. Names as well as detailed personal information becomes public only after 72 years due to the laws protecting individual identities. The 1940 Census unsealed this year also contain details of groups of Koreans at the time. Our paper probed each and every page of the L.A. City Census running 400,000 pages for 3 months and found 415 Koreans who lived in L.A. at that time. Wholly compiled data of personal information ranging 34 types including individual names and occupations were put into a database. Among all press organizations, this was the first time that only Koreans were extracted from the Census for analysis.