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  • Newtown 911 Tapes

    In the face of opposition from government officials, the public and colleagues in the media, The Associated Press aggressively fought for 911 records and documents related to the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The request, begun as a routine newsgathering effort, turned into a high-profile fight for public information as state legislators tried to claw back Connecticut’s open records laws.
  • The Final Hours of Miguel Contreras

    Labor leader and Los Angeles power-broker Miguel Contreras was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Los Angeles, the week before the 2005 mayoral election. No autopsy was performed, and doctors were pressured to sign a death certificate. The article outlines political power bases in Los Angeles, and speculates how various issues would have had different results if Contreras had lived.
  • 911 Tape Details Fatal Night

    "When a heart attack dropped Jim Wagner on the floor of a Memphis pool hall, it took an ambulance half an hour to arrive." The Commercial Appeal investigated why it took so long for an ambulance to arrive despite more than a half-dozen people calling 911 to report the heart attack. They discovered 911 dispatchers had first sent ambulances to three wrong addresses, and that the EMS personnel involved "displayed a remarkable lack of familiarity of the section of town where Wagner died, a neighborhood recently annexed into the city." The paper used the state's open-records law to obtain the 911 tapes pertaining to the incident, and found "dispatchers were rudely dismissive of callers offering valuable information" and that "authorities in an adjacent jurisdiction refused to send an ambulance, even though the pool hall lay one block outside its jurisdiction." The 911 mapping system also appeared to have failed.