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    9NEWS, facing the inherently private healthcare industry, reveals how at-risk adults are currently stranded in Denver area hospitals because they have nowhere to go and nobody willing to take care of them.
  • BLAME: Lost at Home

    BLAME: Lost at Home is an investigative series that unravels the case of a man who was missing for more than a year before he was finally found in his own living room.
  • Lawmakers & Private Emails

    Emails generated by the Colorado legislature are subject to open records, however 9NEWS exposed how each lawmaker uses a private email account to conduct state business. This two-part report exposes why private email accounts make transparency in government even more difficult for the public through a public records test. The system is designed to treat elected officials differently than other state employees.
  • Miss "Deeds"

    9NEWS of Denver, Colorado exposes squatters who attempted to steal a $400,000 home by creating bogus deeds and submitting them to a city clerk’s office.
  • The iScheme

    9NEWS caught an iPhone scheme on camera that targets the homeless and the desperate with promises of quick cash. The news investigation revealed the identity of people who use “credit mules” to get new iPhones at Apple stores so they could be sold for exorbitant profits on the internal market.
  • Obstructed View

    9NEWS of Denver, Colorado exposes a tiny town’s traffic ticketing revenue scheme that aggressively cites drivers for dangling air fresheners and cracked windshields.
  • Failed to Death: Protecting Colorado’s Children

    In a joint investigation with the Denver Post, 9NEWS uncovered 72 of the 175 Colorado children who have died of child abuse over the past 5 years were known to the agency that is supposed to keep them safe--human services. The series revealed how those children were “Failed to Death” by each and every person they had ever known. Reporters fought for access to public documents, police reports, and court records, along with convincing key stakeholders to allow them unprecedented access to every step of the child welfare process. The reporters uncovered a system where accountability and transparency is nearly non-existent and caseworkers find it nearly impossible to assess which children will live and which will not. Since the series first aired, the Colorado Legislature has put a priority on fixing the child welfare system.
  • Right to Die

    9News questioned the decisions of a small town sheriff who refused to help a family remove their 91-year-old father after he had locked himself into his home. The man was suffering from potential dementia, dehydration, and malnourishment. The family thought the man would die if he did not recieve medical attention and convinced a judge he should issue an order requiring he be hospitalized. The sheriff argued the man had the "right to die" if he wanted to and upheld the court order.
  • The Red Team

    "Nearly six years after 9/11, classified test results leaked to 9NEWs show Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport failed to find about 80% of weapons, like bombs and liquid explosives, carried by federal undercover agents called the Red Team. Denver is just one of many airports nationwide that are failing the tests, according to the Dept. of Homeland Security's OIG and US Government Accountability Office."