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  • Secrets of the Knight: Sir Allen Stanford and the Missing Billions

    In the wake of the 2008 financial crises, a variety of Ponzi schemes surfaced but few as elaborate as Allen Stanford's. "Secrets of the Knight" details Stanford's in-depth network of offshore accounts, business ventures and lavish spending. It explores how his empire was built and how it fell.
  • How the GOP Gamed the System in Florida

    Lantigua takes a look at the disfranchisement of minority voters in Florida in the 2000 presidential election. . He writes, " disfranchisement 2000-style did not depend on intimidation...Instead Florida state election officials and hired data crunchers used computers to target thousands of voters, many of whom were then purged from the voter rolls without reason." State officials deny racist intent in their creation of laws that remove a felon's right to vote; Florida's prison population is 54 percent black while its state population is only 15 percent.. State officials also cannot explain why thousands of other Floridians who have no criminal record, also had their right to vote taken away. Lantigua investigates how legislation and election underfunding may have cost 200,000 Floridians their votes.
  • Cyber Stakes

    Lantigua investigates computerized gambling in South Florida. He examines the interests of both the internet site operators (outside of the United States) and the interests of the U.S. government.
  • Island fever

    An eccentric Welsh couple who filter their drinking water through a sock, have lived alone on a tiny island for three decades. Now, they're fighting to keep it. The opposition: the government of Antigua, two politically connected lawyers and an Asian developer with $300 million to spend. Guess who's winning?
  • (Untitled)

    Esquire reports on drug and arms trade involving Israeli agents and the tiny Caribbean island nation of Antigua; arms supposedly sold to the island's defense force end up being used by a narco-terrorist squad that assassinated a Colombian presidental candidate, exposing Israel's Miami-based arms-sales network, January 1992.